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Power your home with solar energy

Start Using Free Energy at Home

Save on electricity bills while doing your part for the environment sounds perfect for you? Then you have arrived at the right place. Discuss with Nusa Solar how to benefit from solar power at your home. We are committed to assist you in building a solar-powered home through every stage. Contact us now to begin your green energy journey. ​


Many homeowners are using solar panels today for a variety of reasons. But the most reason for using solar panels for home is its environmentally friendly nature and saves on electricity bills. People are starting to realize that solar energy increases efficiency and reduces our carbon footprint. The existence of solar panels in a house will also increase property value. You can sell property assets more expensive and get more profit.


Why Solar?

How We Do It?

You Get a Free Solar Consultation

We Prepare Proposal with Design and Quote

Project Implementation

Power Up and  Enjoy Your Energy Saving!

How Solar Works?

Solar Energy Netmetering structure in Idonesia bali jakarta
  1. Solar panels convert the sun's energy to DC electricity

  2. Solar inverters converts DC to AC electricity to be used directly in your home (with no batteries required!)

  3. Any excess energy produced during the peak sun hours is exported to PLN  

  4. PLN Smart Energy meter calculates how much energy is exported

  5. The energy that have been exported can be imported back to be used at home

  6. At the end of the month, PLN will send a final bill with the total energy balance

How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Your Home?

Whatever your motivation for using solar panels for home, whether for economic, environmental, or personal use, you should look for professional solar panel installation services. With Nusa Solar who has experienced in solar power, you can discuss your needs.

Get in touch with us today.

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