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Reasons Investing in Solar Energy Is the Best Decision

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Many people ask why solar energy is so good, what can be used, and many other questions. But not many people are aware that solar technology has a role in life. Solar power can be a trend of today's technology that can be utilized at home.

The use of solar panels in Indonesia is still quite small. The sunlight that is obtained in Indonesia is quite a lot because Indonesia is a country located on the equator. This can be put to good use so that the use of solar panels will be more and more. The energy that comes from the sun is certainly more environmentally friendly. Using solar energy is the same as caring for the environment.

Now is the best time to use solar power Jakarta. Why is that? Here's the explanation.

Reasons Why We Must Invest in Solar Energy

Solar energy is getting attention as an alternative energy source in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. The utilization of solar energy does not cause pollution that can damage the environment. Sunlight can be converted into electricity using solar cell technology.

The potential of solar energy in Indonesia is very large, around 4.8 KWh/m2 or equivalent to 112,000 GWp. However, only 10 MWp has been used. Currently, the government has issued a roadmap for the use of solar energy which targets the installed PLTS capacity until 2025 is 0.87 GW or 50 MWp/year. Indonesia is a pretty good place for the use of solar power.

Domestic Solar Panels are currently getting cheaper so it is possible to be used more widely. This is because the use of local components also continues to increase. Most of the components for making solar panels are produced by domestic companies. But along with the development of technology and the use of local components, the use of local components for solar power plants is increasing with good quality.

So far, one of the obstacles to using solar panels in the community is the price that is considered too expensive. However, if it is calculated with the cost of using fuel for electricity, the cost of installing solar panels will be comparable from an economic point of view and can be even cheaper.

The government gives the community the freedom to install rooftop solar panels for home while still regulating their use. The goal is to increase the role of new and renewable energy in the national energy mix. In addition, it also accelerates the increase in the use of solar energy so that it can encourage the development of the solar panel business and industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the Ministry of Environment, the government supports the development of

environmentally friendly energy such as solar power, wind power, water, and even biogas which can replace fossil energy. The most important thing from the use of alternative energy is the minimal CO2 gas.

This support from the government is a form of the government's efforts to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy such as oil and natural gas, reduce carbon gas emissions, and most importantly become a solution to overcome the energy supply crisis in Indonesia. Go Green activities, according to the government, are not only planting trees but also including the development of alternative technologies that are efficient and effective, and easy to apply in everyday life.

The Ministry of the environment opens opportunities to collaborate with various other institutions so that the development of technology applications can be more massive. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources certainly cares about the outcome of the energy produced. The Ministry of the Environment is more concerned with carbon and the resulting pollution.


What kind of energy can be obtained from the sun?

-Solar energy is energy in the form of light and heat from the sun. This energy can be harnessed using a series of solar heating technologies and solar thermal electricity.

What is Solar Power Plant?

-The solar power plant generates electricity by converting solar energy into electrical energy in two ways, namely by utilizing sunlight directly using solar cells or indirectly by concentrating heat from solar energy using a combination.

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