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Efficient and SustainableSolanPanel Bali

Go Green with Solar Panel Bali

Being a tropical country, Indonesia receives year-round sunshine. Research shows that the country can generate around 640,000 TWh of electricity entirely from renewable energy per year, and 640,000 TWh from solar energy (per year). Many residential and commercial projects in Bali and Jakarta are quickly moving towards having an eco-friendly lifestyle, like installing a solar panel Jakarta or switching to wooden cutleries.

Talking about solar panel, how much sunshine do you think we have? Latitude has a major impact on the amount of solar power generated. If you reside in places far away from the equator, you might receive lesser sunlight. To collect and convert the solar radiation into solar energy solar panels should be tilted at right angles to the sun’s rays. Please note that the time of the day is also important and the best time to collect sunlight in the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead.

We cannot overlook natural obstacles like cloudy skies and air pollution levels as these factors reduce solar radiation levels reaching your panels. A typical solar panel can generate up to 200 watts of electricity in full sun. If we take an average of 4.5 hours of full sunlight in a day, this gives us 900 watt-hours each day from just one solar panel.

Why solar panels in Bali a great investment?

  • Bali receives more than enough sunlight

  • The place has large areas to install PVs

  • Decreasing costs to set up solar PV farms

  • The urgent need to go green


Solar Energy in Bali | Nusa Solar

Nusa Solar is one of the leading and reliable solar energy panel providers in Bali, Indonesia. We believe that solar power Bali is fundamental to a clean energy future. Therefore, use the sun’s radiations to turn it into electricity efficiently and cost-effectively for a better future. We have years of experience in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) business; hence, understand the key parts to make Solar Installation a successful story throughout its lifetime. Delivering the best solar panels Bali has to offer, Nusa Solar is powered by a team of passionate engineers with more than a decade of experience developing solar projects around Indonesia and beyond its borders.


What We Do

1. Solar Panel Engineering Design

We make sure you receive the best possible solar panel design and energy output. Thanks to our dedicated PV software combined with our internal databases, we can make this possible for our customers.

2. Plant (Re)Commissioning

We conduct complete testing with our Testing Procedures and Solar Equipment to make sure if your system is performing as it should be.

5. Solar Energy Monitoring

All information from our plants is obtained and analyzed on a real-time basis in our headquarters in Bali to maximize the performance and reduce the downtime period of your solar installation.

6. Solar Panels O&M

To assure the Solar panel Plant will perform the functions for which it was designed and constructed. Contact us to know more about our O&M Packages.

3. Project and Construction Management

Right from the initial consulting stage to delivering the product, we help you throughout the project to make sure the highest standards are applied for the best results out of your Solar Plants.

4. Solar Plant Check-Up

We offer solar plant Bali check-up by conducting a survey after your installation and executing a complete report.

Why choose solar power?

•    Free source of energy
•    Good for the environment
•    Saves money
•    Can use underutilised land
•    Causes less electricity loss
•    Improves grid security

It’s time to make a smart decision! Go green with solar panel Bali. Connect with us today to get your free quote.

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