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Efficient and Sustainable Solar Panel System

Solar panel system | Nusa Solar

Bali solar panels system includes electricity-generating photovoltaic panels, grid system, and much more. On-Grid system or grid-tied system are designed to work in combination with the grid or simply generate electricity for your home or commercial place. The electricity generated using on-grid solar panel system is fed back to the grid. There’s a net meter is installed to keep track of the electricity consumed versus what you generated and fed back to the grid. This way you can save both money and the environment.


Off-Grid system, on the other hand, store the electricity produced by conversion in batteries and use the stored energy by converting it back and when required. The increasing demand for electricity and the rising cost of other power sources has resulted in increased demand for such systems.

Go Green with Solar Panels

Solar panels are made from multiple photovoltaic cells that convert sunshine to electricity. There are two types of PV Panels - Polycrystalline Cells and Monocrystalline Cells. The first one is effectively made from silicon and consists of a large number of crystals. These are quite economical and effective. Monocrystalline cells are effective and have a smooth texture. These are a bit expensive but worth investing.


Solar Panel System Inverter

Solar power inverter is also an important part. Choose the inverter based on the kind of solar power system you are going for. These inverters are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down as a safety feature. They can also be charged from solar and grid power. Nor to forget the mounting structure to withstand strong winds and other natural forces. Don’t use random cables for your solar panel system. Invest in UV protected, strong and long-lasting wires to withstand the rigours of nature. Don’t forget to buy solar power batteries which is one of the crucial components. It allows you to store the electricity generated by the solar plant. This can be used during power outages or in case of no mains.


Nusa Solar is one of the leading and reliable solar energy panel providers in Indonesia. We believe that solar power is fundamental to a clean energy future. Therefore, use the sun’s radiations to turn it into electricity efficiently and cost-effectively for a better future. We have years of experience in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) business; hence, understand the key parts to make Solar Installation a successful story throughout its lifetime. Delivering the best solar panels Indonesia has to offer, Nusa Solar is powered by a team of passionate engineers with more than a decade of experience developing solar projects around Indonesia and beyond its borders.

Why choose us?

We make sure you receive the best possible solar panels for home system and energy output. Our team of experienced technicians conducts complete testing with our Testing Procedures and Solar Equipment to make sure if your system is performing as it should be. Right from the initial consulting stage to delivering the product, we assist you throughout the project to make sure the highest standards are applied for the best results out of your Solar Plants.

We offer solar plant installation and check-up by conducting a survey after your installation and executing a complete report. All information from our plants is obtained and analyzed on a real-time basis to maximize the performance and reduce the downtime period of your solar installation.​

Connect with our solar panel experts today to learn more about our O&M Packages.

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