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Efficient and Sustainable Solar System for Home

Efficient Solar Systems for Home

Installing solar systems at your home will save your money on your electricity bill and is beneficial for the environment. However, it is recommended to investigate the energy use and potential efficiency upgrades before buying or beginning with the process of choosing a solar system for your home. Search online, visit a few solar panels for home provider stores and calculate your total electricity usage before choosing solar. You can reduce your electricity use by doing a home energy audit, using your appliances and electronics more efficiently, and switch to energy-efficient lightings, such as LED light bulbs.

Why Choose Solar Systems for Home?

One of the cleanest and green energy sources, solar energy reduces your carbon footprint and cut on your electricity bill. Installing solar panels on the roof of your homes is a safe and easy path to contribute to a sustainable future. The storage system of solar panels can also help store electricity for nighttime and rainy days. Moreover, it’s a great way to use unutilized land. There are thousands of solar farms in Bali which are used to harvest solar energy in large numbers. Solar power improves grid security, and homeowners are likely to experience blackouts or brownouts.


How to choose the right solar system for your home?

Here’s how you can select the right solar system for your home:

1. Identify solar panel efficiency and compare to the industry average of 16-18%.

2. Determine solar panel manufacturer warranties against the industry average of 10-25 years.

3. Compare the cost to relative efficiency.

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Here are few factors that influence the amount of electricity produced by solar panels for home:

  • Power rating

We believe in providing the best possible solar panel design and energy output. Thanks to our dedicated PV software combined with our internal databases, we can make this possible for our customers.

  • System efficiency

Before putting our products out in the market, we conduct complete tests with our Testing Procedures and Solar Equipment to make sure if your system is performing as it should be.

  • Power tolerance

Right from the initial consulting stage to delivering the product, we help you throughout the project to make sure the highest standards are applied for the best results out of your Solar Plants.

  • Temperature coefficient

We offer solar plant Jakarta check-up by conducting a survey after your installation and executing a complete report.

Don’t forget to check the indicators of panel manufacturer quality. Check the warranties and assurances that the manufacturer offers on their equipment. Just like any other appliance, solar panels degrade and become less efficient as time passes. Most solar panels are durable, but if you live in an area that experiences heavy snow or high wind, you should make sure that the panels you install are able to withstand the conditions in your area.


Remember that switching to solar panels is a lot like buying a car. If you want to save by buying cheap solar panels, you should be ready for less electricity production over its lifetime, reducing your overall savings. Figure out what’s best for your home. When choosing a solar installer, review their certifications, licenses, work record and reputation in the market.

Buy Solar System for Home from Nusa Solar

Nusa Solar is one of the leading and reliable solar energy panel providers in Indonesia. We believe that solar power Jakarta is fundamental to a clean energy future. Therefore, use the sun’s radiations to turn it into electricity efficiently and cost-effectively for a better future. We have years of experience in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) business; hence, understand the key parts to make Solar Installation a successful story throughout its lifetime. Delivering the best solar systems for home, Nusa Solar is powered by a team of passionate engineers with more than a decade of experience developing solar projects around Indonesia and beyond its borders.

Get in touch with us today.

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