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Advantages of Using Mini Solar Cell

Mini solar panel products are smaller in size and generate far less electricity compared to traditional solar panels. Small solar panels are often used in portable or off-grid energy. Most of the manufacturers that produce traditional solar panels usually do not produce panels that are smaller in size. The mini solar cell can be used for phone charging, camping, or for small off-grid projects.

If you want to save money by offsetting your home's energy use with solar power Bali, mini panels may not be able to solve this problem. To generate electricity that can power all your electronic equipment, the best option is to install a regular-sized solar panel.

What is Small Solar Cell?

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells made of silicon or other semiconducting material. The normal solar panels that are usually seen on the roof are 65 x 39 inches and are used for housing. Solar panels seen in solar power plants or commercial solar power plants are typically 77 x 39 inches in size. Unlike conventional solar panels, there are smaller types of solar panels that qualify as mini solar panels.

Benefit Using Mini Solar Cell Battery

These are the benefits of using small solar panels:

1. Continuity

When some solar projects are carried out on a large scale, covering the entire land and other

projects covering the entire roof, solar power can also be used on a small scale. Starting small is a good strategy for people who can't afford large solar panels. Small solar panels are readily available in the market. This is a very affordable way to start using solar power.

2. Save Energy and Costs

Small solar panels are very cost-effective. Installation costs also can be cheap. Most small solar panels have a simple mechanism that anyone can set up. Whereas the installation of larger solar panels requires the assistance of a technician. Therefore, a strategy that can be done is to start using several small solar panel system and then continue to increase the number as needed.

Solar power can reduce the amount of energy you consume from the grid, saving energy as well as electricity costs. Small-scale solar panels may not meet all your electricity needs but they can be a great start for you to get used to solar energy.

3. Power Outage Solution

In remote areas, the electricity supply is often a problem. Mini solar panels can be used as a backup when the network is down. Essential equipment that does not require a lot of electricity such as light bulbs and small charging sockets can continue to operate on electricity from solar panels. Since mini solar panels are nowadays cost-effective, people in remote areas are not shy about buying and using them for their daily needs.

For people living in areas with regular power outages, small solar panels might be an efficient solution to solve them. The advantage of small-scale solar panels is that households can absorb the electricity it generates so that people can make good use of it.

Features of Solar Panels

4. Standalone vs Networked Systems

In a stand-alone (or off-grid) solar panel system, excess electricity generated by the solar panels will be stored in the battery. Your electronic device will then extract electricity from this battery so it can function at night. However, batteries are very expensive and require the installation of a controller.

However, if your electricity needs involve operating equipment such as refrigerators, air

conditioners, and TVs, this preparation may be required. It will also involve installing larger solar panels. Solar system for home that are connected to the grid (on-grid), excess electricity generated by solar panels in all households will be stored into the grid.

The grid will supply electricity to households that have not installed solar panels or not enough to use it for their electricity consumption. Installation of control equipment is simpler. Since consumers share the cost of the grid, the overall costs may be lower. Besides, at the community level, this scheme works better because there will be no shortage of electricity for any of the households.

Nusa Solar Provides Mini Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solar power is essential to a clean energy future. Nusa Solar is committed to helping more people use solar power and helping customers through the entire process. The sun gives us more energy than we can use. The ability to convert it to electricity efficiently and cost-effectively plays a very important role.

Nusa Solar has experience in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction business so we understand the important parts that are the key to the success of solar power. Nusa Solar is based in Bali and Jakarta and is supported by a team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience.


How long will it take for solar panels to last?

-You can experience savings with solar power from seven years to twenty years to cover the initial costs. Apart from saving on your monthly electricity bill, solar panels will also offer benefits and add value to your home. How long can a solar battery last?

-The typical range for using a solar battery is between 5 and 15 years. If you install a solar battery today, you will probably have to replace it at least once every 25 to 30 years.


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